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MacMedics has a long history of providing the Mid-Atlantic Macintosh community with data recovery

MacMedics Data Recovery

Is your data lost or just in limbo??

If you think you've lost your data and you’ve been told to send it away to an out of state “Clean Room” Data Recovery firm, STOP!

80% of the people that think they need “Clean Room” data recovery DO NOT need that type of advanced recovery services. Bring your hard drive or computer to MacMedics and let us take a look before you opt to send it out of state.

The data recovery company that is performing the recovery for you will likely recover your data and charge you FULL "recovery" prices (often $2000. or more). There's a reason why the major recovery firms offer a "free evaluation", they're hoping to get your drive in the door, and then charge you big bucks to recover your data. All of the big firms have price ranges, and you might pay more or less depending on your situation. But, there's a big difference between data that is in "limbo" and data that is "lost". Many of the data recovery cases we see are situations where customers think they have a "data recovery" situation when in fact the data is just not visible to them. This happens quite often while you are standing at the Genius Bar. Here’s how is happens; Your data is not visible and the hard drive does not appear to be working, so you are told you need to send it away to a “clean room” data recovery company.

Advanced Data Migration: $249 + Parts

In many cases where your data needs to be rescued, you may not need true data recovery. Your data recovery case may fit into our curated advanced migration service. This service covers full migration and computer repair. We will take steps to ensure your data is safe and carefully transferred to a new hard drive (either in or out of Apple Warranty). Within our advanced migration, we can deal with everything from a standard hard drive migration all the way up to a drive that requires some additional work, such as moving the data to an intermediate hard drive and performing minor-major directory and virus/malware clean up.

MacMedics Data Recovery $499-$599 + Repair + Parts

The MacMedics Data Recovery service is appropriate for data recovery cases that include deleted files, formatted hard drives, totally failed hard drive directories or hard drives that are too sick for our advanced migration process. The $499 price covers hard drive recoveries up to 1TB and $599 covers hard drives up to 4TBs. When your data recovery case is complete, we will copy the recovered data to a free 1TB or 4TB external hard drive.

If you need your computer repaired in addition to the data recovery, the cost is $199 plus parts.

The MacMedics data recovery service covers the vast majority of data recovery cases, but some data recovery cases will not qualify for flat-rate pricing. These cases include FileVault protected hard drives, Apple Fusion drives, and various RAID systems. These data recoveries require advanced methods to recover the data from the drive. Call us for more information about advanced data recovery.
If it turns out you DO need full-blown “Clean Room” data recovery, we can refer you to several different firms where we have various discounts and pre-negotiated arrangements.

Don't over pay to get your data back!

Why pay literally thousands of dollars for a "clean room" data recovery if your data loss situation does NOT require it? MacMedics doesn't have a clean room, but in most cases we see, we DON'T need one. So why pay $1600 to $2600 (or more) for a data recovery job, if your hard drive is just sick? MacMedics has an easy to understand pricing plan for your data recovery project.

There are no extra fees and in fact, we cap our standard data recovery costs at just $499. Our basic data recovery service successfully handles over 85% of the data recovery cases that are referred to MacMedics.

We recently recovered 250 Gigabytes of irreplaceable data off an external FireWire hard drive that had a very serious problem. The client had read about MacMedics on-line and wanted to send his drive to someone who knew about Macintosh Data Recovery. He was prepared to pay whatever it cost to recover the data. We were able to complete the project using our $499 data recovery process.

So, you need your data off a hard drive that is still under Apple's warranty?

Your hard drive is certainly more likely to die outside of Apple's warranty or AppleCare, but it does still happen. In fact it happens far more often then you would think. Don't get lulled into a false sense of security about your data just because your computer is new. (see our website for more info on protecting your data) It can be kind of a pickle figuring out how to handle the warranty situation so you end up with a free hard drive, but there are several ways MacMedics can help:

1. We can work on recovering your data before we submit the Apple warranty repair. This means we'll work on recovering your data, and after you certify that the data you need is there, we'll send your old drive back to Apple in exchange for a new free hard drive to be installed in your computer under warranty. Since we're not opening your drive up, the warranty on your drive remains intact. The replacement of your hard drive would be covered under your warranty, but you would be charged for the time it takes us to recovery your data. See our rates elsewhere on this page.

2. If your drive requires a clean room recovery, then the most sensible thing to do is just to buy a new hard drive to replace your super sick drive and forgo the warranty repair. Apple does recognize one "clean room" data recovery company who can open your drive to recovery your data, but in our opinion, it's not worth the expense of that recovery to get free hard drive that's only worth $100 to begin with. There are other clean room recovery firms that offer far more reasonable fees when the Apple warranty is no longer in play.

MacMedics has a great track record for saving client's data.

MacMedics' track record for successful data recovery is excellent (See our testimonial page), but if your data loss situation calls for more extreme measures than what MacMedics can provide, we know exactly what needs to be done! We already know and work with the very best in the data recovery business, and we've already negotiated discounts on our customers' behalf. You get our insider pricing and if your data is still not recovered, you pay only the shipping. While we're on the topic of shipping, nobody else knows better than us how your sick hard drive needs to be shipped and protected during transit. We have approved shipping containers to ensure that it's protected from bumps and static electricity.

Call MacMedics First!

Don't make a move without MacMedics. Our advice is free, and we'd be happy to talk to you about your data recovery project. Call one of our Macintosh service hotlines or e-mail us right now at While the majority of the Macintosh Data Recovery we do is in our service area of Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia, we do accept data recovery jobs from other parts of the country. Give us a buzz and we'll tell you where and how to send it. We can also accept whole PowerBooks, iBooks, MacBooks, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Pros, or any other Macintosh computer) that have a failing or failed drive in them. We can recover the data, and also replace the drive with new larger unit at the same time. Call us for details.

A MacMedics Data Recovery Testimonial:

Here's what one of our customers had to say about MacMedics' Data Recovery Service:

"I was in the middle of a project when my computer froze. After restarting, my secondary hard drive was no longer visible. Panic set in because all of my current projects were located on that drive and two of those were ready to go to press on that same day. My greatest fear was the complete loss of all the data and the repercussions of the loss. I contacted Mac Medics and explained the situation. I chose to drop off my CPU at their office and later that afternoon I received a call informing me that they were successful in recovering all my data. They called because they knew how important this recovery meant to me. After doing the dance of joy _ come on, you know the one _ I approved the replacement of the bad drive. In 24 hours had my CPU back with all my data and my clients never knew. Mac Medics did a great job and I recommend their service."

Ann Schroen
AS Graphics

Yes Virginia (and Maryland), hard drives do die.

Now that you've read all about data recovery, and how MacMedics can help get your data back, let us show you how to prevent having to to investigate Macintosh data recovery in the first place. We've added a new web page to our site that explains the value of adding a back-up drive to your system. It also details the benefits of "retiring" your faithful hard drive before it fails. Hard drives do die, and more often than you think. Start planning now for a new one, and always make sure your data is always in two places at once. See our new website at

Read this page before attempting a "do it yourself" data recovery!

There are only two types of people using computers-those who have lost data and those who will! Seriously, just think about the value the information stored on your computer system's hard drive - What would it cost your business if it were lost? It's time to be proactive, because protecting your data is important.

The key to safeguarding your valuable data is to always have that data stored in two places at once. If your data is NOT in two places at this time, please tell your MacMedics Consultant as soon as possible, and we can put together a plan to safeguard your data for as little as $89. With Snow Leopard's Time Machine software there is now an automatic and built in way to ensure your data is safely protected. If you're not running Snow Leopard or need a system in place to have bootable access to your user folder, applications, and other data we can provide that type of back up as well. In some cases it makes sense to have both a Time Machine and a bootable back up.

If you don't have tested and functioning back up plan in place and your data has been compromised: Call MacMedics first!

MacMedics should be your first stop when you find yourself in a data recovery situation--we're the leaders in Macintosh support, service, and consulting in the Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia areas. We've seen pretty much everything when it comes to sick or non-working hard drives. When the White House had a situation that called for an expert in Macintosh data recovery, they called in MacMedics.

Is your data worth $499? Don’t risk your valuable data by trying to back it up yourself. Our MacMedics data recovery for a basic data recovery is only $499 no matter what size your hard drive is (unless it's a RAID, Vintage, or a SCSI hard drive). The best advice we can offer anyone in a data loss situation is to leave the situation alone, and call us immediately. If you think your data is at risk or your have a flashing folder at start up, or a blank screen, or can't boot past the Apple logo, your data could be in jeopardy!

We've seen countless data-loss scenarios where well-intentioned users (or friends, the Apple Store and other computer folks) have poked, pried, and otherwise compromised the chances of MacMedics being able to recover their data. When we have a clean shot at the data, we can usually recover it from the drive over the course of a day or two.

The best chance for recovering data is to have it in a "as fail" state. Once it's been manipulated in any way, the chances of being able to successfully recover 100% of what's been lost starts to diminish very, very quickly. One mistake that is commonly made is to try and back up a hard drive in order to protect the data at the same time the hard drive is dying. This is often the first thing a user will try themselves, or will happen at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. Backing up the data is the right thing to do, but trying to perform a “finder copy” is in most cases a bad idea. Don't put your data at risk. If you find yourself in this situation, and you feel your data is worth $499, then MacMedics a great place to come. We'll remove the drive from your Mac, recover the data, give the data back to you, and even reassemble your Mac for you.

Here's a data recovery situation we took care of recently. The MacBook Pro was brought into MacMedics for data recovery after it suffered some major physical damage. We asked out client about what happened, and he did not want to talk about it, so we assume whatever happened, it was something pretty bad. Note the damage in the video that appears below is right where the hard drive is installed in the MacBook Pro.

When something bad happens to your Mac, the best option is to turn it off and bring it right to MacMedics. The client that owns the unit that appears in the video apove was told that he needed clean room recovery. He did not, and we were able to recover the lost data for $499.

MacMedics has recovered lost Macintosh data (and other data as well) almost every day in our 25-year history. Seriously, it's what we do, and we're not going to charge you an arm and a leg to get your data back, in fact most "Data Recovery" is performed for our flat-fee of $499. and that includes a free 1TB USB hard drive.

In more complex data recovery situations, like formated or erased hard drives, we do charge more for those services, but we can assure you, it will always be less than you'd pay ANYWHERE else.

When your data is at risk, we strongly suggest you bring your data recovery case directly to MacMedics. You could be putting your data in even greater risk trying the DIY approach or letting a computer friend stick your hard drive in a freezer before they try a sector copy of your data (not a smart ideas BTW). When your hard drive is dying, the more time MacMedics can spend with it, the better our chances of recovering your data. If your data is worth $499, why not bring your case to us and and see if we can help. We are able to help about 90% of the cases that are referred to us.

Are you in a Macintosh data recovery situation? Before you call anyone else, please get in touch with MacMedics to learn about our famous $499 Flat-Fee Macintosh Data Recovery. We have a long history of recovering data from all type of Macintosh computers and iPods. Call MacMedics at 1-866-MAC-MEDICS, we are a well-established, Apple Macintosh consulting firm and Apple Authorized Service Provider and Reseller, with a great track record of helping Mac users in the Washington DC, Baltimore-Annapolis, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia areas. The MacMedics walk-in service centers are located in Severna Park, MD just off I-97 on Benfield Road (10 minutes from Annapolis Mall or 15 minutes from Baltimore's Inner Harbor and M&T Bank Stadium), near Severna Park, MD and in Lanham, MD just off Route 50 at Martin Luther Blvd, 1 mile outside of I-495/I-95. Mac Medics provides service and repairs, consulting, sales, and training exclusively for the Apple Macintosh computer platform. MacMedics services Macs in professional, educational, government and home environments. MacMedics is 100% Macintosh-only consulting and service firm. Our staff has over 200 years of combined Macintosh real-world experience and they have completed over 60,000 on-site service calls. Since 1989 we've been offering our progressive style of on-site Mac service, consulting, and training to the entire Mid-Atlantic area with no travel charges. Mac Medics: Expert Mac Service and Macintosh Consulting serving the Baltimore-Washington area. The Baltimore & Washington, DC area's largest and oldest All-Macintosh repair shop.